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Stokesdale Town Park at Martin's Meadow (8329 Angel Pardue Road- Behind Town Hall)
Facilities Use Agreement
Park Site Plan
Town Park Rules & Regulations


Parents please monitor your children when they use the restroom facilities.
In the last two weeks we have had entire rolls of toilet tissue stuffed into toilets causing the toilets to clog and run over.  Yesterday we discovered one toilet that had not only an entire roll of toilet paper but a metal rod with a chain attached to it stuffed into a toilet.  Our poor cleaning lady had to reach in and pull this out and unclog the third toilet in two weeks.  Not to mention the metal rod with chain could have broken the toilet.

We don't charge property taxes, and our fees for renting the facilities are not expensive.  If we continue to have this kind of vandalism
we may be forced to either limit use of the park restrooms or we don't want to have to change our fee schedule based on continuous plumbing repairs.

We love to see adults, teens, children, and dogs playing and walking in the park. We are working hard to bring more shelters, sitting and playing areas to the park.  Help us keep it safe, clean, and undamaged.